Unreal Engine is Free?

I realize that this is old news, but holy crap, Unreal Engine is free. Yes, I know that there is a small royalty fee. However, this gives anyone a chance to succeed. If you don’t, no money is lost.

Awesome move on their part. Hopefully, this will pan out for them as well as others. I cannot wait to get my hands on this.


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I was thinking why so many crap games were made in unreal
now I know…
But that ain’t a bad engine… I’m considering developing a neko game now

Hmm I prefer Unity to be honest, much easier to programm in :wink:

Maybe you could remake HardwareZ in UE4.

Does U4 support 2D like Unity does?

UE4 certainly supports 2D games, and you could definitely create a good 2D game in UE4; however, I have heard that Unity provides superior support for 2D games.

I’ve never used Unity, so don’t take my word for it. I will say that UE4’s blueprints are categorically useful.

Checkout a UE4 2D creation video.

oh wow
and yeah, Unity is technically superior in almost every way.

Unity is good for Indie devs like GHG

I’ll give it a try, but I have heard good things about both. Graphically, UE4 is better, but I am not proficiently skilled in that area.

5% royalty isn’t a small cut. Payment processors, distributors and of course taxes all take a cut from your earnings so another 5% adds up to a lot of lost income.

AFAIK, the only free AAA game engine is Amazon’s recent Lumberyard release (which is based on CryEngine):


Anyway, personally I think Unity’s free/paid model is a much better offering than Unreal.

I’m pretty sure the royalty cost only occurs if the the game earns more than a certain amount of money.

For someone who is just starting out and needs a good first game, a risk-free engine like UE4 is worth the royalty fee. However, I am going to try out Lumberyard, which looks awesome.