Ummm did the fourum die?


Well um no new posts almost all week is the end for the forum!!!


Yes, I think the forums have died


There haven’t been many updates on Tavern Keeper recently, so there ain’t much to discuss lol. I just checked the website, and unless I am missing something (which I totally could be), the original development timeline appears to have been removed. Not sure if this is an indication of anything, but I’d be surprised if things are going 100% smoothly.

Like with any game, there are hiccups. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Hoping for some news in the coming year. * fingers crossed *


They probably are working very hard on tavern keeper and they are probably taking some time off because of all of the work and it is soon Christmas. I wouldn’t be surprised if we would get a update in January or February next year.


FYI - We’ve announced a delay but didn’t repost it here:


Honestly, after all the drama with the GDT roleplayers and Individual, i’m honestly a bit glad that this forum has died. No doubt that it will get revived once Tavern Keeper is released.


Aww, I was kinda looking forward to a decent new game unlike the crap big game developers s*** out every month


Hello me


With the greatest respect to GHG and game dev tycoon, the “golden age” of modding is long gone and personally, i don’t anticipate much news on new updates, DLC or tavern keeper (at least for now) so i just visit about once a month. I have no reason to post because… well, there’s nothing relevant to game dev tycoon, tavern keeper or GHG that i could possibly post.