UltraGDT - The Ultimate Game Dev Tycoon Mod! [v0.0.1 test]

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This is the official thread for UltraGDT: The Ultimate Game Dev Tycoon Mod! Still in active development (as you can see in the title, the version is “0.0.1 test”) , so please reply if you find any bugs!

Please note that this project was made by one person in 4 hours in an outdated application that hasn’t been updated since 2014, so I can’t make something REALLY big with this project.


Download Links

MediaFire download:

Google Drive download: (coming soon)
MEGA download: (coming soon)

What is UltraGDT?

UltraGDT is my Game Dev Tycoon mod! It isn’t actually the ultimate GDT mod (unfortunately it cannot be as big as @kristof1104’s Expansion Pack or something like this), but it can make gameplay a bit more fun


  • :video_game: The Dream Deck (Steam Deck) and Virtualing (Virtual Boy)
  • :eyes: 40+ New Topics (including Tavern, Village and Puzzle)
  • :globe_with_meridians: 6 New Engine/R&D/Hardware Lab Researches
  • :star: 4 exclusive achievements

How to Install

  1. Go to the Mediafire download link
  2. (optional if already downloaded) Download WinRar/7-Zip if you haven’t downloaded it yet
  3. Extract the “UltraGDT” folder to [your Game Dev Tycoon location]/mods
  4. Launch Game Dev Tycoon
  5. Click the 3 Bars on the corner and click Mods
  6. Activate “UltraGDT”
  7. Enjoy! (or not)

Known Bugs

  • Topics can’t be selected. Tested on Windows 10, 4GB RAM. Discovered by @oofas

Planned Features

  • The 3D GS (no I won’t name it the 3GS, there’s already an iPhone called the “iPhone 3GS”)
  • 15/30 more topics
  • Gameling Future and Gameling Colored
  • Random events

Thank You!

Thanks for reading. Have a cookie :cookie: