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Announcement Time (Woo!)

Team Crumpet (@WaveJones, @ShadowedDeath and I) have decided to help out development of TV Tycoon! @Botahamec and @gamedev13600 have decided to team up with us so that the development can go a bit more smoothly.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

  • I will handle announcements and updates for this thread (no more preorders and stuff like that)
  • As a team, we will also provide them with artwork
  • TV Tycoon development will be continued by @Botahamec, and any changes to engine and such will be his call.
  • @gamedev13600 will handle the website’s updates and forum, so that it doesn’t interfere with development.
  • A donation system will replace the $2.99 pricing, a pay what you want system.
  • Pixel Tower development will continue as usual (as will Codename: Who’s Guilty, presumably)
  • @peradev is MIA right now, but we will contact him as soon as possible. He doesn’t have a claim on anything to do with the game anyway, but we’ll discuss with him as a formality.
  • With a combined total of 5 people onboard (not counting all you guys <3) not only will development speed up, but a lot more ideas will be tossed around and implemented into the games, making for a better experience.

That’s pretty much it, if there are questions (haha, “if”), don’t be afraid to ask!


Thank god, a leader that actually knows what he wants to do. I’m glad you decided to take over @CrumpDev. If any help is needed, I’ll be glad to help but I only specialize in PHP and some C#. I do have 2 questions.

1.)Is @Botahamec the only programmer ?
2.)Will it be open-source ?
3.) What programming language are you using ?
4.)Are you going to start over, and do it your own way ?
5.)Who is the project leader as of now ?
6.)What IDE will you be using ?


Thank you very much for your feedback, it’s very much appreciated!

As for the questions,

  1. Currently, yes.
  2. As in the project files being available? Yes.
  3. We’re using the Stencyl engine, which uses Haxe (similar to javascript) IIRC.
  4. No, we will continue development with what we have, however we will revamp some aspects that don’t work as well before release.
  5. As of now, we have no official leader, it’s more of an “anybody can suggest and the majority opinion wins out” kinda deal, but I will handle the public relations and any future announcements/updates.
  6. The IDE (Integrated Development Enviroment) we’ll be using is Stencyl, which has a graphical UI for basic commands and has a code editor for more advanced scripting.
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Shall we expect this game to be released later this winter or will it be released in 2016 ?

Most likely the release date will remain 2016, however is that changes I’ll be sure to notify you all. Also, I can now confirm that we’ll be using a donation system instead of the base price of $2.99.

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Finally, gamedev just had no idea what to do. Maybe this game and company have a new light.

I personally don’t consider us a company, more of a game dev group. But that’s just me.


Well said


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@Haxor, @Cazran. @Dayron1234 @awesomejuan36912 and @Lukas_Schuurman, thank you very much for the kind words.

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