Translators: Hints and Q&A **Spoilers**

This is meant as a language-agnostic place to share more info and deal with questions and answers about the translation of Game Dev Tycoon. Feel free to add your questions about the usage of specific strings in game, here.

##special strings

There are a number of special occurrences in game which use a different writing style than other parts. Some that come to mind:

1. When scammers contact you.
The message contains typos and emulates the language of scammers on purpose. In English the message is overly polite. Uses outdated greetings etc. The translation would work best if the message feels like a typical scam message in that language.

2. When a secret agent contacts you.

It should feel snappy and emulate secret agent talk from movies.

3. When Dave Johnson from Departure Science contacts you.
This emulates the way Cave Johnson talks in Portal. For the best translation try to find youtube videos of portal 2 or Cave Johnson quotes in your language to see what the style is. These strings have the comment “Portal 2 reference hint

…more to follow…

@Toxicat, @Punataro see description above. something to be aware of.

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I loved that part of the game because i am a huge portal fan also i love the portal gun in the hardware lab

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I noticed that the Italian localization contains some issues. I wanted to contribute to it, but it seems that the translation portal isn’t available anymore. Is there a way to access it again, or at least to retrieve the game’s localization resources?

sorry about the translation portal. In the meantime you can access the latest state of translations here:

The Italian translation is in the it.po file. You could fork the repository, make the changes and then make a pull request. Obviously this is much more technical than the translation portal but for the moment this is the only way we can accept translations.

@FlorianBeer do we have an ETA on the translation portal fix?

To be completely honest, I found it easier to just edit the file than “suggest” something and then verify it. I might just make a pull request for the nb.po file :wink:

And @PatrickKlug, I see “æ”, “ø” and “å” is not functioning when taken from the web-translator? I’m gonna be changing those strings to make sure they work, like in “gj�r” which should be “gjør”.

Voila, should have some new translations up and going :wink: