Topic important for Time Allocation?


It has been quite a while since I actively played Game Dev Tycoon, but as far as I can remember, the focus in the Development Stages were set to Genre and not to Topics.

Now I have been messing around a bit, making games with terrible match statistics and now I came across making Law / Action game and all of a sudden the Game Report told me that Dialogue supposed to be very important.

I admit I am not an expert on how Game Dev Tycoon works, but I always thought that Time Allocation was matched with Genre only.
Is it a new feature?

Screenshot of the Law / Action Game

Screenshot of Vampire / Action Game


Since when did genres are able to get changed, depending on its topic?

Example - Image1 shows Dialogues being +++
Image2 shows Dialogues being - - -


This has been a feature since the beginning :smiley:

Largely genres have similar focus but topics can override what is important for them. We figured a law topic probably should focus on some witty dialogue. Hard to argue with Law/Action though, not aware of any games of that type.


I imagine a perfect Law/Action game:

  • Advocate makes his proves with perfect dialogues with a testifier;
  • Prosecutor makes his proves with perfect dialogues with a testifier;
  • Judge appoints a trial by combat between Advocate and Prosecutor;
  • ACTION!!!


To be fair, it was the first time ever I tried making a Law Action game
Makes perfect sense to have Law does needs loads of dialogue in between the action.
More dialogue than fighting Dragon Ball style :rofl: