Third office, game lagss with Developing large games..and when running Tech and R&D Lab

My game laggs a lot when developing a game, running tech and R&D on the same time, who knows how to solve this ??

6 GB QuadCore
AMD A6-3420M APU with Radeon HD graphics 1.50 GHZ

I guess that my Specs are good enough ??

No matter what specs, lags are always.
You just can restart game, it will stop lags for a while.

And, this is very good known “bug”.

Yes it does indeed…but it is very annoying since i just released my first Console…

It annyoes everyone.
There is no clue, We need to wait for some patch, or stop playing D: (Or, just play and dont care about lags).

I think i must stop playing…i love this game but if it lags this much it is unplayable…


If I recall correctly, @alphabit is planning on removing the technology/design bubbles created by the R&D lab, hardware lab and your staff whilst creating games with his TweakMod, however it is not out yet and it was only an idea that may or may not be implemented. You could perhaps wait for this to come out?

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If @alphabit can do this, then it would be awesome :smile:

It is planned for TweakMod :slight_smile:

The first re-newed TweakMod is ready. I’ll need to check some small things with @SirEverard concerning our UltimateLib, and then I think it should be ready for release :wink:

So TweakMod has re-started (needed to switch to UL for further developments, that is the reason it took some additional time) and is now ready for a first release :wink:

Stay tuned, guys… and thanks for your interest in TweakMod!

Many thanks, I would download it straight away when it is released :smiley:

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