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Welcome to the RPT Expansion Pack!

  • RPT stands for: Research, Platform and Topic. It is named so, because it adds new researches, platforms and topics to the game. Easy to remember, right? Make sure to leave feedback, suggestions and everything else down in the comment section. Also make sure to like or share this page to your friends if you enjoy it! It really helps me out! :smiley:


This mod page is outdated and I’ll be working on it being updated to the same version as the Steam Workshop one. This will be done to avoid confusion if anyone finds this page instead of the Steam page!

To download the mod

Just click right > HERE




Engine Researches:
8 - Bit Graphics, 16 - Bit Graphics, 32 - Bit Graphics, 64 - Bit Graphics, References And Quotes, Pixel Upscaler, Ambient Sounds, More Depth Of View, Props With Physics, Path Finding A.I., Beautiful Skybox, Splitscreen, World Generator, Online Cheat Detector, Server Hosting, 4K Resolution, Improved Menus, Increased RAM Capacity, Beautiful Sights, Bonus Missions, Plot Twists, Optimized RAM Capacity, Ingame Online Voicechat and Higher Frame Rate.

Platforms: Macintosh renamed as the Lagintosh, Nintendo DS renamed as Ninvento 2Screen, Virtual Boy renamed as NonReal Kid, Atari 2600 renamed as Safari 6200, NEC TurboGrafX-16 renamed as NES NitroGrafx-16, The TelStar renamed as The TellSun, The Atari Jaguar renamed as the Safari Tiger, Casio Loopy renamed as Casino Looper, Nintendo IQue renamed as The MyQueue, Nvidia Shield renamed as Invideo Guardian, Neo Geo Pocket renamed as the Geo Leo Mini, an upcoming console from Alienware with no offical name yet, named Edge by Aliencare and the Gameboy Advance renamed as Gameling Advanced.

Topics: Human Body, Dreaming, Ocean, Playground, Future, Hack N´ Slash, Beat M´up, Words, Puzzle, Traffic, Mall, To the moon, Planets, Endless Runner, Trains, Cooking, World War II, Casino, FPS, Tower Defense, Platformer, Imagination, Sandbox, Books, Parachuting, Card games, Afterlife, Underground, Farm, Neverland, Fiction, Underwater, Time, Arcade, Zoo, Travelling, Beach, Photographer, Factory, Past, Sewer, Nuclear War, Cars, Destruction Derby, Internet, Night, Jumpscares, Circus, Olympic Games, F1 Racing, Virus, Border, Conquest, Climbing, Survival, Adrenalin, Empire, Sumo, Boxing, Middle Earth, Gangster, Mafia, Kung Fu, Comics, Fitness, Pinball, World War I, Infiltration, Laser Tag, Street Racing, Snow Sports, Plot Twist, Robbery, TV Show, Goat and Space Stations.

My future updates are going to be in the Changelog below.


Update 0.0.1 Alpha:

+ 70 Topics
+ 2 Platforms: Ninvento 2Screen and Lagintosh
+ 17 Engine Researches

Update 0.0.2 Alpha:

**- **Removed engine research “128 - Bit Graphics” to add again later. Probably. Okay maybe.
**! **Recalculated the amount of units sold for “Lagintosh” to minimum (0,1) worked finally!

Update 0.0.3 Alpha:

+ Added engine research “Improved Menus” in the start, to give a quick touch of the mod.
**! **Recalculated the units sold for “Lagintosh” to 0,4. It now have an advantage above the pc and G64, until other platforms join.

Update 0.1.0 Alpha:

+ Added Nintendos Virtual Boy, renamed as “NonReal Kid”, with complete marketshare fixed!
**+ **Also added two events to announce the platform and reveal the big Flop a few years later.
+ Added topics: Street Racing, Snow Sports, Plot Twist, Robbery and TV Show.
+ Added Engine Researches: Increased RAM Capacity, Beautiful Sights, Bonus Missions, Plot Twists, Higher Frame Rate and Optimized RAM Capacity.

Update 0.1.1 Alpha
+ Added Ataris Atari 2600, renamed as the “Safari 6200”. Marketshare not yet fixed.
Picture also added, seem to work just fine.

Update 0.1.2 Alpha - Hopefully the last Alpha version!
+ Marketshare fixed overall! Actually fixed it twice, since the GDT game, had an update, changing some of the amounts of marketshare.
+ Added 1 new topic “Space Station”
+ Added the NEC TurboGrafX - 16, named as NES NitroGrafX - 16 in the mod. Marketshare not yet fixed!

Update 0.2.0 Beta - The Ultimate Platform Update
+ Releasing date for the NES NitroGrafX - 16 has been moved to year 6. (Before was year 8)
! Fixed marketshare for all platforms, including the NitroGrafX - 16.
+ Added the following platforms TellSun, Safari Tiger, Casino Looper and MyQueue.

Update 0.2.1 Beta - The Fix Update
! Fixed the Ninvento 2Screen having full marketshare and making you a billionaire.
Thanks to my Tech Supporter Peter.

Update 0.2.2 Beta
+ Added platform Nvidia Shield renamed as Invideo Guardian AND calculated marketshare!
+ Added Topic Goat. (Mostly because of the succes of Goat Simulator)
! Moved the lifetime of Ninvento 2Screen to release later.
+ Added the Engine Research: Ingame Online Voicechat
+ “Secretly” added the Stream Box

Update 1.0.1 - The Steam Workshop Update

So… this update is quite a mess. It seems like it never released on Steam Workshop, which is a shame. But hopefully it works here. :wink: But erm… I must say, there are now 100 topics and more than 18 platforms! Enjoy them all! ----------

Update 1.1.0 - Newest version, Out Now! -|[The Tweak Update]|-

+ Added 3 more platforms! (Geo Leo Mini, Edge and Gameling Advanced)
+ Added 3 more topics!
! Fixed marketshare for all platforms, to make it more realistic.
! Increased the lifespan for several platforms!
! Fixed a platform announcement from not popping up at the correct time!
+ Added 1 new Hardware Research! (Backup Files)
! Increased dramatically the cost of Lab Researches!

Error- and IssueLog


  • Missing images from platforms.

  • package.json file not working properly.

  • Removed the “128 - Bit Graphics” to add again later. (It bugged)

  • Changed the time the event, “10 Year Anniversary” appeared. It came up 2 years early.

Need fixing:

  • Error coming up from UltimateLib, but it is probably just my computer bugging with the files… :open_mouth:

  • I have been messing with the sizes of the pictures, which means the filesize will decrease incredibly. But some of them needs to be replaced.

Got a brand new computer, so I hope to have some time to work on the mod soon. :smile: ---------

*Small reminder for myself; “Remember to make an changelog post when necessary.” *

More coming soon

Thanks for tuning in! Come back again for more updates in the near future!


Sounds good
:clap: :clap: :clap:


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The mod looks ignored

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The Steam Version Celebration Update is coming soon!

Be sure to look out for it.

The number of platforms will be doubled, topic amount will reach 100 and researches up to 35 !

Stay tuned for more info!


If that is the case, i would probably make the topics a separate mod :stuck_out_tongue:

cool mod does the researches chenge the sales or score for a game or not?

That is actually a pretty good idea. Because I am having a lot of problems with the mod right now, which means I will start over (not from scratch, but make a new file with the same features) and make the new implements to the mod. And that may even solve the error popping up when you load the game with the mod.
(Because I believe the error occurs because I began working on the mod on a very old computer with only 32 bit, and the recommended in using UME is 64…!)


Well hello there!
The author Zyperspace here.

The full release of the mod will come soon! Hang around for more news!
I am currently testing it.

Features in the newest version:
100 Topics
Twice as many platforms! (18 in total)
a lot more researches
Tons of bugfixes
Size reduced to less than 4 mb!
Pictures mostly fixed!
Marketshare fixed!
Hundreds of tiny tweaks!
(Note: The newest version was made completely from scratch to remove all kinds of errors!)

Thanks you for reading and following!

Greetings all of you out there reading this

The big update is finally out! Download it now, I recommend the Steam Workshop page.
It’s easier, as you won’t have to drag the files into the correct folder buried on your hard drive xD

Have fun and goodbye

oh this is using ume?

Yes sir!

I am not a specialist when it comes to coding, which means this program is perfect for me!

It is just sad that they have almost abandoned the UME completely. They promised complex event maker and a lot more, but unfortunately it seems like no more updates will ever come. I would love to add events and more to my mod. :frowning: