The Pirate, The Game and The South African Game regulations


About two years ago I had pirated the game, GameDevTycoon. I thought nothing about it. I enjoyed the game and then moved on with my life. Not even thinking about the developers of the game. I also knew nothing about Steam at that time. It was really just scum in general.
Then, on twitter about a few months ago. I came across a tweet by Greenheart Games praising Software Inc, I game I had bought. And I, well didn’t think before I commented because I bragged about pirating Greenheart Games’ Game Dev Tycooon. And even explained how that piracy notification I got around. Using igg-games.
And then where there is action, there is a reaction. And of course because I bragged about it on their own twitter page.
They had tweeted about it and, well there was a backlash to my tweet. Which really got me thinking about piracy and game developers. I am a developer myself. Python, occasionally C# and Web Dev. And piracy is a really big issue in the industry. It affects everyone. The game developers, the people who buy the games hell even economies. And I moved on.
Yesterday I thought about it again. And then decided that I should buy the game out of the respect of the game developers. Now, i search it on steam and. Well, it isn’t on steam. Weird I thought, then I searched it up and saw that it was something about the South African Games Regulations or something with licensing fees and checks. Which is totally understandable.
But then I realized, would I rather just buy it directly so that Greenheart gets that money? And then I went onto their website, went on to the purchase site and directly bought GameDevTycoon from the developers.
Pirating games is a scum thing to do. It’s looked at with a frown most of the time, and I think that is agreeable that it should be looked at with a frown.
Don’t pirate games, support the game developer and wherever you can. Provide donations if you have to. If you enjoy what they are doing.
Thanks for reading my short post.


Thanks for changing your stance on piracy. I always find it particularly puzzling when people who work in the software industry then sabotage their own industry by pirating. But I guess it’s no different from players pirating and then complaining about lack of quality games. The only reason we can make games at all is because of the players who support us. Thank you :green_heart:

Also, sorry about South Africa, we’ve tried several times to navigate the bureaucratic nightmare of their rating agency but failed.


Holy shit thanks for user of the month, I am happy that I am able to support the games industry and to also see a games industry who cares about quality of their games as well.
I liked how your game dealt with piracy, the torrent and the smart design overall. I imagine what fun it must have been to see others on the forum with the bankruptcy - “bug” that your team set up. Having a smart design is always better than just slapping DRM onto it and saying that’s a job done.
Am also enjoying the game so far, the fact a steam key was also provided also compensated for the unfortunate bureaucratic system that game developers have to deal with.
Thanks for replying to my post, in to the future I have started actually buying my games - and also ready to advocate it.