THAI translation


Hi, we are a Windows8/WindowsPhone development company in Thailand named Volevi ( - and also a big fan of GameDevTycoon!! We would like to participate and help translate the game into a Thai version!

Can i translated Thai language in Game Dev Tycoon?

I personally, prior to my position as a Chief Creative Officer at Volevi, I have done some English to Thai translation for the United Nations “A United Nations Junior Program” and I am also a part of the Thai translate team behind the University of Wales/Plymouth website.


That sounds great. I have created the Thai language file at

Once you have an account I can make you a moderator.

Thanks for helping us out :slight_smile:


I have registered with username: punataro



done. made you a moderator.


Wow, I’m from Thailand and this is good news for me. I’m big fan of this game and also need to play this game with my native language.

I’ll looking forward to this :smiley:


I’m helping translating it.
I need someone to review it.


Can I make it too?
I’m thai who want to translate this to my native language and want to play in my language.


and I really want to make it finished.
I wait for a long time with thai language.


@hypnotize แปลได้เลยครับ ลองอ่านดีๆ จะมีลิงค์สำหรับเว็บไว้แปลอยู่ แปลแล้วก็รอให้ @Punataro ตรวจ แค่นี้แหละครับ


Hey guys, We have free time to work on translations again. What do you need to move forward?


i like this game and i interested to translate this game.
someone can help me?


Hey @Xerxex and thanks for your interest!

It would seem the thai translation which can be found here;
Does not any active moderators. Do we have anyone with previous experience who would like to be a moderator?