Terrific Expansion GDT MOD!

*My first MOD in an attempt to revive the brilliant Game Dev Tycoon Community . Its an expansion mod which introduces - *

~ 12 new brilliant and surprise storyline events!

~ 10 all new attractive topics !

~ One new high tech platform and its parent company ! (with its own storyline)

~ 1 modern Hardware Research and 9 other researches !!

~ 5 Achievements to crave for !
~ Events also incude special feature the all new ‘Employees Demand’ !

NOTE : You need the latest version of the Ultimate Library to run this mod !
No worries mates …here is the link to the ultimate library file…


I’m very new to modding so all feedbacks and suggestions are welcome ! I would really love to bring out an update to this expansion mod and make it even bigger…so you are welcome to present your ideas as well as any problems if u face…

*Known Bugs - None as of now *

*Give this effort of mine a try and I bet you won’t be dissapointed and yes thank you very much for reading ! *

- Shreash Srivastava

Files - [https://techifysolutions.wordpress.com/terrific-expansion-game-dev-tycoon--mod/]