Tech Support Idea

This was a feature that I threw around during the modding era of GDT. I doubt anyone’s gonna pick it up and I lack the skill to mod this game so instead, I’m gonna paste the outline of what the idea was.

By the title, it’s a Tech Support line for your company. It would be an addition that could be unlocked in the 2nd office.

If anyone does want to try and mod the game with these features, all I ask is that you include me with the testing and give me credit for the idea.

Here it goes:

Office Type:
Automated - cheapest
Home Office - cheaper
Office - Most expensive. (building costs, more employees, etc.)

Support Type:
Phone System - A must, (Relatively cheap)
Online Chat System (Least expensive to implement)
E-mail support - Most Expensive. (All 3 of these can be used at the same time)

Slider Budget:
Up to 2 Mil. a month.
Slider is the quality of the performance for the Office and Support types.
(EDIT 2018: The slider does not have to be maxed out. It can be ratio’d between how many fans you have. Say 400k fans, at $500,000 a week. Something to that effect)

Office Types Life-Span:
Automated - Works well alone until halfway with 2nd office. (Then even at a 2 Mil. budget, there will be a higher risk of complaints and scams, same applies to the end life-span for the others)
Phone System - Will work well alone until PS4 era. (EDIT 2018: for clarification, the further in years [year 25+] the more mandatory it will be to include more than 1 Office Type.)
E-mail support - Will work forever.Will not work well alone.

Over a certain period of time, you could receive feedback on your customer support. For example, if you are using Home Offices, your report might say something like “Unclear sounds, dog barking in the background, babies crying.” (EDIT 2018: Depending on how much you’re putting into the support slider will depend on how positive or negative the feedback is)

If set at automated with low budget or end of life-span, “Unable to get to the right menus, tired of talking to a robot.”

If set to home office and less than 1 mil slider, you might get a report like “Waiting and calling back for hours and no one responds.”

This idea would work better if i implement that email system


Scams - Base on the lack of support you have, there’s a higher chance of people abusing some holes in your support for discounts.

Advanced Scams - Once reached popularity and having a decent amount of money into support, there might be a few advanced scammers hacking into support. You can have an option as to attempt to track these hackers which will cost x amount, or you can leave them be.
No matter which one you choose, the support system will be patched to avoid the same hack.

#1 - Maxing out Support and having discounts set at minimum of 15% for a year.
#100 - Having support slider less than 1 Mil. while using automated services and no discounts for a year.

Discounts - 5% - 20% (some math would be done to deduct a small amount per month)

It sounds like a really cool idea, although it would be really hard to make a mod for.

New Idea

Play as the White hat or the Blackhat person, your choices leads to different types of endings.

I know. That’s why I wanted to paste it here.
Either someone can take the time and effort to make this, or it can be 1 of the many ideas that Greenheart Games can use for their next game or sequel.

It would most likely be someone rewriting the hole JS.
Ok maybe not the Hole JS but just enough.

Well i just got into modding GDT, don’t know how long i will stay around here, but mayby i can give it a shoot. The hardest part for me would be to make graphics for it (not my thing :C) for it work like R&D and hardware.

For now im working on another mod, so i can try this as early as i finish it.

I was searching for Gaming source code and gaming support, I while searching i couple of time contact lenovo support. But I find here what I acutally need.