Tavern Keeper's price?

Who wonders how much Tavern Keeper will be? Will it be $8 like GDT or maybe higher or lower.

It will probably be at least 10$, maybe around 20$, I doubt it will be just 8 bucks.

We honestly haven’t seen enough to make a valid estimate. Greenheart Games is extremely fair on pricing, so if we get a full-priced $60 game, it just means we got a really good game :slight_smile:


We haven’t decided the price yet but it won’t be as cheap as Game Dev Tycoon.

Tavern Keeper is a really expensive, big and scary project for us and the price will have to reflect that. Pricing it too low could be company-suicide and we’d rather build a sustainable business and continue to make games for you in the future instead of risking it all on a gamble.

But hey, on the plus side, you have quite a bit of time to save up for it :wink:

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