Tavern Keeper Beta Release

I’m so hyped for the new game of GHG , but the beta is released in 2018, no? It’s too much,

The FAQ page states they aim to have a beta out by 2018.

Games take a long time to develop and release, just stay patient.

By the way, any chances for early closed alpha/beta stage?

Still waiting for any sort of playable alpha…

Hi guys!

We’re all in the same boat, believe me: as a recent D&D convert, playing a fantasy tycoon game is exactly what I want right now! :smiley:

For now, we’re in an internal alpha. Once we get further into the development process we’ll start to best consider if an open beta/early access is on our plans. In the meantime, we’ll keep you guys posted about what our wizards are conjuring. :slight_smile:

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