Tavern Keeper Beta Question


I was really wondering, will there be an application to apply for Beta Tester for Tavern Keeper, will it just be as EA on Steam, or will there not be a public beta at all? If there will be one, I’m already available xD.

  • JustMaffie



Sign me up already dammit! xD


And how is the game shaping up? Any thoughts about when we might expect a potential beta? Q2-Q3?


We don’t have an ETA for a Beta yet, no. Still busy implementing and tying together core systems. Hopefully we can talk more about the game and potential Beta plans in the later half of the year.


Alright, take your time, I think we can all agree quality is very important, take all the time you need to make the game as good as you can.


Yea, we don’t want the game’s quality content to be like Ubisoft, EA, or Konami.