Syncing between iOS devices


I’ve been having a blast playing Game Dev Tycoon on my iPad. Is it possible to transfer the game save file that’s on my iPad, onto my iPhone so I can continue playing it out and about?

The game should already support cloud saves so the saves should sync automatically. Is this not working?

No, it’s not showing on my iPhone. I’ve started a new game on my iPhone and it doesn’t show up on my iPad either. Both are signed in with the same Apple ID.

I’ve also just tried deleting and reinstalling the app on the iPad to see if my iPhone save file syncs up but it’s not appearing.

did you check if ur logged into game center on both devices on the same account?

Yea, I’ve checked in the settings and I’m logged into game centre on both with the same Apple ID. The ‘welcome back (my nickname)’ message appears when I open the app on both devices.

@rangermann any idea how we could troubleshoot this?

There is one more thing you can try:

  • On both your devices, go to iOS settings, iCloud, Manage Storage, Game Dev Tycoon
  • Delete cloud data for Game Dev Tycoon
  • On the device with your save game (which is also stored on your local disk in addition to the cloud), open the save game, and save it again
  • Depending on your connection, you should see the save game on your other device within a couple of minutes

Please let me know if this works for you.

Ok, Game Dev Tycoon isn’t showing up on iCloud’s storage settings on either device.

I’m not sure if this could be related but in the main settings menu, at the bottom there’s a list of my apps and when I go to Game Dev Tycoon there aren’t any options there. Usually there’s something there, ‘use mobile data’ ‘background app refresh’ etc

What is your iOS version? In the main settings, there should be options for microphone, Siri, and mobile data. But this is actually not related to the iCloud data. iCloud data is to be found in the iCloud settings, Manage Storage. If there is no entry for Game Dev Tycoon there, you don’t have saved anything to iCloud yet. Is that the case for both devices?

If so, could you double-check if you are logged into GameCenter?

iOS versions
10.3.2 on my phone.
10.2.1 on my iPad.

There’s no entry for Game Dev Tycoon under iCloud, Manage Storage on both devices.

I’m also signed in to Game Center on both devices with the same account. I tried signing out and signing back in to Game Center to see if that helps but there’s still no entry under iCloud’s settings.

Side note: When I reinstalled the app on my iPad, the save file on there was deleted. I saw the topic asking for a way to delete save files on iOS, I somehow have the feature they want! :see_no_evil:

Sorry for my late reply. Do you still have those issues with the latest update of the game?