Strange things that happened after the release of Pokemon GO

Some strange things happened after the release of Pokemon GO, such as the girl who found a body in the water while trying to catch a pokemon, and a guy from my country, entered in a motel to try to capture an articuno, and his girlfriend knew he entered in the motel and she quarreled with him. Anyone else heard of strange things that happened after the release of the game?

(Sorry bad english)

Technologically, it’s cool to have a game that kinda takes place in real life (something like The Black Watchmen and other Alternate Reality games) where you go to different places to find clues, objects or entities (in this case these are pokemons). But there is that little insane group of people that think it’s real and umm… how do I say this… get paranoid or sick in the head.

I’m sure almost every type of entertainment have killed people (games, films, strips, books, newspapers, stand-up comedy, social media), now maybe this was just a coincidence.

A person was robbed and stabbed while playing the Pokemon GO, will be so especially here in Brazil, has many bandits around here, is not a good idea to play the Pokemon GO here.

I’m too lazy to go outside, and these occurrences are another argument to stay inside and eat ice cream

where were you when ingress showed up

I was drinking wine.