Still Nothing GHG?

We are half-way through the year now and we still haven’t heard anything about Game #2. Is it still a thing and how much longer until we hear about it?

Just shut up and they will bring you the best lol


The only thing we can do is wait.
So, wait, my boy.

It’s only that I expected to hear something by now.


Hi guys,

I can absolutely guarantee it’s still a thing. The game exists (I’ve seen things, I’ve seen them with my eyes) and the team is working like mad, producing tech and design bubbles like you wouldn’t believe.

I am as excited as you for the Game #2, but please understand that we are still a small team and we’re now working with new technology (Unity) and more content/features, so the development might take a bit of extra time.

We don’t want to release something just for the sake of it, we want to wow you guys! :green_heart:


Whew, thanks for that comment, I was worried too.

thank god

waiting is the only way to get game #2

pls be patient

just keep waiting, just keep waiting, hmmm hmm hmm hm…

At least show us a bit of what we can expect…we now have literally no clue…

we will be wowed even more with a trailer

I don’t want them to hurry up and release it, but I certainly wish they were giving us some new information about it by now. They’ve been silent about it for so long.

Lets hope GaBeN wont ruin this.

Good and Bad end Nerf

u just reveled the secret that will change the gaming industry furrevaa


gabe neato

Question Will Game Dev Tycoon Ever Be Work On Again?,

Pretty sure they said they’d might do a sequel to GDT Game #2

Also, was sure this thread would stay dead.