Steam key email not sent

Hello there, I bought Game Dev Tycoon in April of this year. My mum paid with her credit card. I didn’t get any steam key sent to me. I would like this, since it makes the updating so much easier.


Please refer to this thread on our forum re Steam Keys;

how you get your steam key depends on if you purchased from our store or the windows store

I bought it from your store.

Did you read the link i posted?

If not:

  1. What if I didn’t get the email?

a. check your SPAM folder and search for an email from

b. check that you are searching in the correct inbox. We will send the key to the email address you have used when ordering the game (if you have contacted fastspring before, to update your email, then we will send it to the updated email address).

c. check your calendar, if it’s not the 30th yet, then please be patient.

d. if you still cannot locate the key and it’s past August 29th then please check here for status information and if no more info is available please contact - be patient, we will do our best to respond in time.

Or you can contact with any relevant information such as name, payment method, email address associated with the account and paypal address if used.

They will verify your account and resend the order fulfilment email.