Spin Tires - a harsh roads simulating game


Greetings, ladies and gentlemens of Greenheartgames. I wonder if you have ever heard of the most breath-taking game I happened to encounter so far, of SpinTires. I’ll be brief: very realistic vehcile’s behaviour simulation thanks to sophisticated enhanced version of Havok engine, big modding community http://www.worldofmods.com/spin-tires/ and, what’s most imprortant, caring developers who constantly release updates for Spin Tires and good feedback with fans. Go and watch game’s trailer on Youtube.


Cazran has set mood to: unsure if troll, advertisement or genuine gamer


Absolutely genuine. I wouldn’t answer you if I were a spammer, r-right?



W-why would you put a game on a website that clearly says “worldofmods”?
FAST EDIT:I mean like a download to the game.