Sound effect maker


Hi, guys!

My name is Victor and I am a professional Sound Designer. I’ve been working in the gaming industry for over 5 years. Last year, our team started a new sound effect creation service

On our website, you can find a large amount of free sound effects – gunshots, explosions, and sounds of different animals. Also, we offer lots of other ones that are perfectly suitable for games of any genres. Our service can be helpful for indie game developers as it allows to select and adjust desired sound effects effortlessly.

We’d like to create a very popular and useful service that could help game developers create sound effects of a high quality. Diforb is working in beta mode, for now, so we’d be grateful for any bits of advice and feedback.


Not bad!
Several things though

1- please make 8bit free. :frowning:

2- Diforb mistakes me as i’m using a mobile device, so i really can’t do anything.

3- You spelled “coming” wrong.

4- Why did you just make a account JUST to adversite? Do even know GDT? Greenheart? Even the RULES of the forum?


Thank for your feedback! Unfortunately, a mobile version of our service is in developing now. Our video tutorial can give you all instructions about working with Diforb -


seriously though, why did you just make a account to adversite? I bet you don’t even know what GDT is.


Yup. just another adversiter.


Yes please don’t create an account for advertising, Go do that somewhere else.


If someone still looking for cool sound effects.
Can share this web :
Often used some sfx from them.


Good website. :wink:

The thread is old enough, but I hope this will be useful. Just would like to add Freesound to this list:

Also good website with free sound effects, cinematic sounds, different noises etc. Here is my account with my sound effects of devices, broken CD/DVD printer and soon I will add the noises of my camera Nikon D3400.