Some update ideas


In game Dev Tycoon at some point it stops at the cube like console, I think there should be more options like

  • Portable consoles
  • Phones, tablets, or computers
  • ability to choose what controller goes with the console you create (so you don’t have to use the controller that comes with the console)
  • tell us when other game devs use our console
  • more consoles after the cube console
  • Like with game you can make a “sequel”, for consoles there should be different series of consoles, just in case you want to make the DJSystem then make the DJCube or whatever then instead of putting it in the same series you can make a whole new series

other ideas

  • have Ninvento release a console after the swap(like the PS5 or Mbox next)
  • as time goes by have the phone and tablet change(sorta like the PC)
  • add mod support for mobile
    Hopefully you put some of my ideas in your game, bye.