Some GDT2 ideas

In game Dev Tycoon at some point it stops at the cube like console, I think there should be more options in GDT2 like

  • Portable console maker
  • Ability to choose what controller goes with the console you create (so you don’t have to use the controller that comes with the console)
  • Tell us when other game devs use our console
  • Like with games, you can make a series of consoles, just in case you want to make the DJSystem series then make the DJCube series, instead of putting it in the same series you can make a whole new series

Other ideas

  • Have Ninvento release a console after the swap(like the PS5 or Mbox next)
  • As time goes by have the phone and tablet change(sorta like the PC)
  • Add mod support for mobile
  • Add multi-topic (like multi-genre) so you have make Space/Alien games or Space/Assassin games

Hopefully you put some of my ideas into GDT2


Hi, I find your idea really interesting, I hope they will put them.

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Good ideas, thanks for sharing and hope they will become true! :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice ideas, but why make new game? GDT2 isnt good idea…Better is big GDT uptade. But…Nice ideas!