Some tips for players who struggle in level 2

I have a super helpful tip that will work 100% of the time

  • Change the game save file so you have as much fans, money, and research points as you want
  • Repeat once you get low on cash again


i am so doing that.

Are you realizing that you are replying to 2 months old post… and that i’m replying to a 2 days old post?

Weird, my Chrono Trigger version (Time Travel + RPG + Play System + All) got 9.25 overall.

yea, we fixed the time travel topic based on player feedback :wink:

Strange,this topic is dead.
Anyways,i did a Music/Simulation Playsystem 2 and 9.5…
i was 3 months of the bailout payment and i cleared gained 865 k, but my money was increased by 126k.BANKRUPCY IS AVAIBLE

I would also recommend having at least 10 million dollars before moving so you can hire 2 2M staff members immediately, one for technology (pre filter complex algorithms) and one for design (pre filter showreel) and then research medium games so you can do publishing deals

Can you add an option to “wait and see” for a month? I am always having this unlucky timing where I am just about to put out a game when the game offers me a loan. I hate those bank suits type, so I choose no, and the game bankrupts me. I think this is unfair and I should be given a chance to see how well my game would do. In fact, in the latest playthrough I already got my game reviews back- and it was smashing 9s and 8s… And the game declares me bankrupt anyway because I turned down the loan because the game is just going to hit stores and haven’t made any money.