Some tips for players who struggle in level 2


I have a super helpful tip that will work 100% of the time

  • Change the game save file so you have as much fans, money, and research points as you want
  • Repeat once you get low on cash again



i am so doing that.


Are you realizing that you are replying to 2 months old post… and that i’m replying to a 2 days old post?


Weird, my Chrono Trigger version (Time Travel + RPG + Play System + All) got 9.25 overall.


yea, we fixed the time travel topic based on player feedback :wink:


Strange,this topic is dead.
Anyways,i did a Music/Simulation Playsystem 2 and 9.5…
i was 3 months of the bailout payment and i cleared gained 865 k, but my money was increased by 126k.BANKRUPCY IS AVAIBLE


I would also recommend having at least 10 million dollars before moving so you can hire 2 2M staff members immediately, one for technology (pre filter complex algorithms) and one for design (pre filter showreel) and then research medium games so you can do publishing deals