Some suggestions for updating GDT


Hey GHG, enjoyed the game but do have some ideas for a future release/update. Hope you don’t mind…

  1. Take the Game History report and make it a list format with each column sortable. This way you can see all the games at a glance, see your top grossing games and do it all on one window/screen.

  2. Allow various play styles. Currently the game truly seems to force you to build into a super developer, always pushing upwards and reaching for Platinum-Plus status on games. What if we want to be an indy developer like GHG? Currently the game doesn’t seem to really allow this. Even training is blocked until you move offices (pushing upward) so it takes away from that small business vibe.

  3. Allow the player to limit themselves to just a few topics and genres from the beginning, to specialize in those areas. Maybe allow bonuses to the development of these genres/topics after so many releases.

  4. When you go to develop a new game…maybe have a little number in the Topic box to show how long since your last release in that category. Honestly, the game gets a little out of hand just pushing out game after game that I lose track of that easily. It would help to see, at a glance, your last release timeframe to not select a similar topic for a new game too quickly.


1: Would be a great idea, great to see, maybe someone can make a mod for that.
2: Answered that in the other topic u made
3: Answered that in the other topic u made
4: Would be a great idea, just like displaying the total amount of games made with that topic, would be easy to mod too.


Fair enough JustMaffie. I’m just finding the game lacks replayability after a while and honestly gets boring (to me) doing a rinse and repeat strategy and forcing everyone down the same path. My thought is this…Is GreenheartGames the same as Bethesda? No way. Does that mean that GHG should close shop because they are a “failure”? No way in hell…lol. There’s a ton of great games from indie developers…but we can’t really play as an indie developer in GameDev Tycoon because it isn’t set up to allow it. Maybe that would be a nice option in a future update/release to give people various ways to play the game.