Some suggestions for graphics

There is one more thing that needs to be improved in this game, and that is graphics. 2Dv1,2Dv2,2Dv3,3Dv1,3Dv2,3Dv3These graphics, for me, Some are too much trouble. Because I want to develop games from a platform, if you want to choose from these graphics, it is really not convenient. Because I don’t know how many bits these graphics are. The graphics on the game console are 16-bit 32-bit, 64-bit 128-bit. I think if this game can be updated from 16-bit 2Dv1,16-bit 2Dv2,32-bit 3Dv2,64-bit 3Dv4,128 bit3Dv5These angles set out.What kind of picture is needed for the entire game development? It’s okay. It doesn’t go wrong. Of Course I hope the development team can do this because I am a fan of this game. Only I hope that this game official can develop a Chinese version, not the Chinese group for Chinese. Because I can’t play the Chinese version. I can only use the Android version to play games, not the Apple version.