Some of my ideas for Game Dev Tycoon

ok, so these are some of my ideas… if someone make this mod, i would be happy :smile: though i don’t really expect it :sweat_smile:
*sorry for my english

This idea is actually taken from Game Dev Story, you can use outside specialists to work on your game (of course you pay it). When you feel you don’t have staffs enough to make games, or when your staffs were busy on something else (such as vacation and training)… you can use outsourcing to cover up the progresses…

Previous/Current Applicants’ Occupation:
It’s just aesthetic… but i would like to see their previous/current occupation before we’re hiring…
for example:

  • John Doe - Programmer - Design: 60 / Tech: 120
  • Jack Smith - High School Graduate - D 99 / T 102
  • Jeff Johnson - Art School Graduate - D134 / T 70

something like that…