Some ideas I would love to see in game dev tycoon


I have so many ideas for game Dev tycoon and i don’t care if someone never uses them, but i just want that greenteam if they want use them so here we go.

: Have more companies in the game like Warner sisters(WB) or Gamsung(Samsung) for example.

: That your fan community can donate and have like a fan mail that sends positive and negative things about your games.

: Like that other game Conpanies ask for help instead that you always make the deals

: It would have been cool if you could buy other companies game righs for example I buy the rights to Mario and I can make Mario sequels.

I have much more ideas and I would love if Greenheart uses some of them. Thank you for your time :slight_smile:


Good ideas!


I would like to see a EA mode where you can buy and close other companies and after finishing your game you would be able to split it in parts and sell them as DLC




Great ideas but I don’t think it’ll be implemented soon or it might be in the new update (Can someone verify this coz I don’t have mobile yet) and considering they already have made the update I wouldn’t think that they would put things in the Computer version and not the iOS or Android versions of the game. Plus they’re probably working on Tavern Keeper a bit more after the update so if it is going to be implemented it will be a very long time 'till they’re in the game…
Anyway, they’re good ideas so don’t take any of the text above ^ to close to heart.


Thanks :grinning:


I like your ideas! they have to be implemented! thank you for sharing this issue!