¿ Some ideas for a new game?

Could give me ideas for a new game that interests people and is a popular genre , thanks :smile:

My ideas are :


Give me ideas!

Those two things do not go together, except when you’re an established Triple-A publisher…

The ideas you mentioned are usually liked more by boys but not by girls. A genre that I feel is popular amongst both men and women and appeals to all age groups is trivia. I have been playing a trivia game app for quite a few weeks now and I see that all my family members and friends are loving the game equally. This does not always happen with a racing game or a terror one. So if you wish to make something that will be popular as well as interesting, I think you should go for trivia.

I think it’s not gender-based. I think it’s based on personality. People that like to socialize like racing games. I think women and men like racing games equally.

Well yes Lukas. I partially agree with you on the socialization factor. But I still feel gender does play a crucial role in the choice of games. I have seen very few girls like race games or terror ones. That’s why I feel that trivia is a more neutral choice that is liked by both the genders and across all age groups.

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well if women don’t want to play your game it will be the next place for hipsters and perverts alike to meet up
but if men don’t want to play your game you will be deemed a woman
just like Justin Bieber.

candy kush

that’s actually a good idea for a montage parody

well like wave said that is not easy

terror is mostly played once ever maybe twice but rarely more then 3 or 4 times

fps ah ah well is not at all easy to make
I would say do a racing game

as for ideas well i don’t have any but do this

Write a story first this is important

put ideas on paper

and then start coding

triva games you get in when you have nothing to do if you have something else you will not play it

but yes gender does matter but don’t focus on gender

I will prefer for race because racing will make the people joy and some times its too dangerous

On the whole, prefer the ideas you mentioned, whereas girls do not. Trivia is a genre that I believe is popular among both men and women and appeals to people of all ages. I’ve been playing a trivia game app 2 for a few weeks now, and all of my family and friends seem to enjoy it as much as I do. This isn’t always the case whether playing a racing or horror game. So, if you want to build something that will be both popular and engaging, I believe trivia is the way to go.