Some Game Dev Tycoon 2 ideas of my own

I saw a few posts for ideas for GDT 2 and I wanted to make my own for soooooo long now!
So here are my ideas for GDT 2-

  • Picking a Starting year from 1970-2013
    I think picking a Starting year would give the game more to do, like starting in the 70s to see some retro consoles that are not in vanilla GDT.
  • Have more than 1 console on the market
    It’s annoying that game dev games only let you have one instead of 5-6 because then there is a chance to get a lot of money!
  • Pick more than 3 platforms to develop for
    Sure 3 is a lot but I think there should be more than that, it’s annoying when you have a console and you still want to dev for the PC, Playsytem and MBox.
  • Custom HandHelds
    Ever wanted to make the GameGirl? Well I think allowing for Custom HandHelds adds more!
  • Multiplayer
    There is a mod for it but I can never get it working.
  • Company Logo and Renaming it
    I think having company logos will be cool! And also the chance to rename your company will be great.
  • Having more than 6 Max employees
    I think 6 is a good number and can make good games but it would be better if you could hire more than six.
  • Having multiple office locations
    I mean…it could work. I could allow for Auto games instead of you clicking.
  • Introduce revised versions of your Custom Hardware
    Just imagine GameGirl Colour. This would allow for and impact in sales.
  • Develop for Revised Versions of consoles
    This would add a drop down menu under the platform showing if it has any other versions. Eg. PlaySystem 2, PlaySystem 2 Slim Exlusive. Just like the newer models of the PS4 and XBox have exlusive games! It does not add to the amount of platforms you have added and it costs a little more but can give you increased sales.
  • Realistic events
    Maybe if a hurricane hit your office you would might lose your games work or points and have to repair the costs.
  • You die
    After some time it would be better if you die and one of your sons or daughters take over.
    -More office upgrades
    How about adding a fish tank? Or a real tank?
    That’s all my ideas for now
    I hope this isn’t too similar to other ideas.
    Thanks for reading.

Agree with a few of these, but I would like to expand one specific area: Game Testing.

In the real world, publishers would never, er… (thinking of Zero Wing), almost never release a game without editing and playtesting. Many years ago I got to do playtesting at Microprose for a flight sim arcade game they were releasing.

This is my thought, in relation to the game. What if, after going a round of playtesting, you get hints on what needs tweaked? Now the hints don’t always have to be correct - my advice to MP was ignored (and should have been), when F-15 Arcade finally came out. But what if you could then go back and readjust a few things? The penalty, of course, would be time and money.

Just realized this when I released a game on GDT without a name… Ugh.

You should try Game Dev Studio, a lot of these are in it and it’s very fun. It’s very in depth and a hidden gem it’s only 10 bucks on steam