Post down below what company name you chose! I chose “Maxis.” SO ORIGINAL, AM I RIGHT?

No, it’s not. I chose Maxis because I basically went all nostalgia style, and made most of my games Simulation, with “Sim” in front of each game title, with the topic after it.

Example: SimSpace, SimHealth, SimMilitary, SimCity, you get the point.

Yeah, I’ve always liked Maxis for SimCity, SimEarth, and of course, The Sims. I’ve played even more adventure games, such as like Myst, Space Quest, Police Quest, Legend Of Zelda, Final Fantasy IV & VI (II & III in U.S.), etc. Probably the deepest and greatest adventure story ever told, and I’m still wondering how I never came across this game back in 2000 when it was released, but it’s called The Longest Journey. Man it blew me away big-time, was not expecting it to be the greatest story ever told, but it truly was, and it continued on even deeper in 2 more sequels. I didn’t discover this series until 2015, such a compelling story.

As for my Game Dev Tycoon’s company name, I think my first one was Darius Gaming, as I use the name Darius for virtually everything online. I’ve also used FunCom (developers of Longest Journey). I couldn’t release every game I wanted to because the consoles and systems are taken off the market way way way too quickly, and even games are only on the market for like 2 - 3 months? That part is super-unrealistic.