So . . . Linux Support?

It seems a Linux version is available somewhere, but I can’t find it.

On the Greenheart Games front page, it says, "Get it for Windows and Mac."
On Steam, there is a little Windows and Apple icon.

So yeah, I’m not sure where I can buy the game.


Yes, but that very same post says, “UPDATE: The FSF has reinstated our rights to use glibc.”

So I don’t really see how that’s relevant. I’m not asking about that.

I’m just asking if I’ll get the Linux packages if I buy the game.

I would need a confirmation from @Charlie for this, but if you buy Game Dev Tycoon from the Greenheart Store, you automatically get download links for Linux
Plus a Steam key.

I bought it when it initially released and got a link to a linux version. I have no reason to believe that changed in the meantime.

However: The linux version is vastly outdated at the moment. Noone really knows what’s going on there, staffers just said it’s will be updated in the future.

Ah, interesting. I think I’ll go ahead and get it then for the $10.

I definitely would suggest updating the text to include Linux on the homepage. It’s quite confusing that it just says it’s available for PC and Mac.

I think they removed the text because the linux version is that much older than the current release. Which, I think is a good thing. Otherwise there would be even more disappointed customers.

They probably removed it while they didn’t have permission and aren’t putting it back up until they’ve made use of that permission to get an updated Linux package made up.

Hey Guys,
We are working on getting the Linux version of Game Dev Tycoon up and running again. Please have patience, we will make an announcement when it is available.

ok, thanks. I’m only waiting for it :slight_smile: