Sneak peek of our halfling village level

Screenshot from an early version of our ‘halfling village’ level.



Is GHG going to add more shadows or simple, not heavy demanding Ambient Occlusion? Wouldn’t it be hard in some places to see the geometry of the level otherwise?

Other than that, this looks awesome and the artstyle, models and textures look great. :smiley:

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Great question :smiley:

Our exterior environment only uses SSAO right now, but maybe we could work some more in there. In general we’re not unwrapping our models to save time on UVing and texturing, so we’re using vertex AO on our tavern props. SSAO on our camera, and we have a pseudo-AO idea to add to room floor/wall edges in the backlog.

The halfling village screenshot is still in progress aesthetically. We’re adding sunken paths with lumpy grass edges to help show more volume and delineation with the shading, and we’ll also be incorporating stone support walls, fences, more flowers, stones, etc. Placing these effectively should improve the level depth and readability a lot.


Thanks for the fast reply.
That is a really good way to add depth; take your time though, all that AO are probably going to produce some graphical bugs.

Is #ScreenshotSaturday gonna be an actual, real, legit, consistent, regular thing? :open_mouth:

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It’s a good way to start the weekend.

We don’t currently attempt to post weekly (or any regular interval) but if we post images then yea, it’s more likely to happen for #screenshotsaturday :wink:

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