Smartphone Wars

  • iOS
  • Android
  • WinPhone

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Got this idea from my head.

Windows Phones are really good, they just lack apps and games.


Android + Root + Emulators = Good


It goes like this
Android + Root + Emulators + 2GB+ of RAM + 8GB+ of Storage = Good

android = open sauce so it’s good rite?


yes, sauce that’s closed is useless; what will go on the spaghetti?

IOS for days! Jailbreak allows emulators AND EVEN ALOWS YOU TO TURN YOUR IPHONE TO A SYSTEM THAT CAN BOOT ANDROID OR IOS! and you can get 64 FREAKING GIGABYTES OF STORAGE! YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT! sorry for screaming at your face.

Yeah but you don’t need to jailbreak an Android device to emulate anything, it’s an open source system… if you really wanted to you could work a device to meet everything you’ve said there starting with an android device.

jailbreaking ≈ rooting


Cool cool, nice micro SD card slots you got there.

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pftt… 64 gb of storage on ios… you must be deprived on ios if you think that’s a valid argument why jailbreaking IOS is better than android

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256gb sd cards boiii



I like android, but I think i used my iphone twice

I remember when I was an iOS fannboy… Then I got a G4. Best decision of my life ever since.

Android = Open Source
Open Source = FREEDOM

Ayy a fellow G4 brother

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Best phone I’ve ever had. Beats my beater iphones 5C ha ha

I had a 5C before this aswell, can say it gets absolutely destroyed by my G4

galaxy s5 is meh, pretty good

There is 2 much androids
2 MUCH !

Anyway i will go with ios