Simplified Chinese translation

A friend of ours graciously offered his help in translating Game Dev Tycoon to Simplified and Traditional Chinese. We’ve officially started the translation. You can see the progress and contribute to the translation here. By default, new users can only make suggestions. If you want to become a moderator on that language then please let us know here (best by outlining your qualifications).

We will focus on Simplified Chinese first and then move on to Traditional Chinese.

I sent an email to earlier to show my interests of becoming a moderator of translation. I lived in Wuhan, China, for 17 years before I came to Tucson, AZ, for my computer science degree at University of Arizona. I can write in Chinese simplified, and know about Chinese traditional. Hope I can be a moderator to help you finish the translation as soon as possible. I’m sure Chinese people will like the game as much as I do.

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Thanks for the interest! Please feel free to sign up at and add suggestions to the Chinese translation. Our first moderator is away for a bit but once he’s back and reviews your suggestions we can decide on moderator status.

Hi Yuhaowei,
欢迎加入! :slight_smile:


@youhaowei you’re now a moderator :slight_smile:

I want to join your work.
And I tried to translate some sentences on it, please check it. Thanks.
My account is Don Yabu,thanks for your attention.

BTW,I translated ‘Sonny’ in to ”索倪“ for letting Chinese players can understand the developer’s little tricks.

Hello, If need to translate Traditional Chinese, I can help. :slight_smile:
I live in Taiwan.

Company and product names

The game contains made-up company names (such as Ninvento, Vonny), product names (such as TES, Gameling) or character names (such as Steve O’Connell). You must use these same names. Do not change them.

Well, I only translate these names which is obviously comes from real company’s. For instance, I only translate Sonny, which is obviously comes from Sony.

个人认为如果把那些明显影射现实中的公司名也翻译成中文版本的话,应该会更加有意思 smile

中文用户可能很少能理解 GameSphere 是来自 GameCube 吧?

也許是,但我們還是得尊重原作者的意思。 不過遊戲中的圖片已經很類似實物,我想不難猜到是什麼遊戲主機。另外還有一點,會刻意更改不同名稱,是要規避版權問題,若你將Sonny改成Sony的話,是不會被採用的。

@Feydes @dunduncat
我问问Patrick这样翻译行不行,我觉得我们最多可以争取到的是音译游戏中使用的虚拟名字。我觉得像Ninvento和Vonny这样的公司名字和TES这样的主机都没有太大的必要汉化,但是像Steve O’Connell在游戏中音译成 史蒂夫·奥康奈尔 或许会比较好。

个人意见是同音不同字可能会更加好玩一点 :slight_smile:


另外,@youhaowei 加油!

This is for legal reasons. You cannot use real names in the game.

Yes, I know.
I’m just the paste to dunduncat see.
Because he has to change these things.

Hello everyone, I am from Taiwan and just completed the game.
Unfortunately I’m poor at Simp. Chinese, but whenever the translation to Traditional Chinese is started I’m willing to help!

Hey Guys,

We are sorry for the delay, We have merged the last changes and are ready to open more languages if you are still interested?
Let us know and also if you have 2 moderators with previous experience!

Hey Guys,

Well done on completing the Simplified Chinese translation :clap:

You can now access this language pack in game from the options menu.
If you contributed to the translation and want to be mentioned in the credits please list your name here, as you wish it to appear, and mention if you were a moderator or translator :smile:

Please note this language pack is available via Steam for Windows and Mac users only at the moment.

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Hey Guys,

If you would like to be mentioned in the credits please let us know by posting here. Also please let us know if you were a Moderators, Top contributors or Quality Assurance.

Sorry for bumping ALL the way up there, but when is T.Chinese being translated?

Hey, We did not have any requests or interest so far for a T. Chinese translation project. We would need at least 3 people with previous translation experience who have a great command of T.Chinese and English to get started. Also people would need to request and show interest in it.