Show your custom box art


Show box art made for a game you made in Game Dev Tycoon!

Yes, I know, I’m amazing at drawing.

If you want my save file talk to me at

Hahaha no way! I had the exact same idea last night! I started on one earlier but I don’t have anything finished to show just yet. I’ll be posting here when I get around to plugging in my tablet, though! Kudos on beating me to the punch.


I suck at drawing. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice work guys, now i’ll have to come up with something as well :slight_smile:
And i suck at drawing.


Click images for full size

Since i suck at drawing i used my ( limited ) photoshop skills and merged a few images i found on the web.

Here are the images i used.


That’s even better than mine! Good job!


Here’s another one I made, pretty crap drawing but I made a neat logo.


Remember this game? One of my all time best games of all times.

Here’s my awesome logo

If you want a template for a console game/pc game like i did with this game, PM me or reply to this post!


Here’s another one.


Here’s another one.

I really like black and white pictures and people with eyes covered with their hair smiling.




I’m finally ready to make my contribution. I spent far too long on it, but it’s the best thing I’ve drawn so far and I’m pretty proud of it.


Holy Moly Macaroni! That is a LOT, i mean a LOT of red!


Yeah, seeing the gun against the fiery background makes me wonder if I should have chosen a different color. But after almost 7 hours in photoshop, I’m ready to call it done.


7 hours? Wow! That is still a LOT of red!


Indeed 7 hours is a long time.
Using the right tools?

Still a lot of red, but looks nice.


Who else thinks that i’m making no efforts whatsoever?


Yeah, I think so. I’m just a slow artist. I mostly only use brush, eraser, and selection tools. And layers. Over a dozen layers not counting the background and text.

I started from a pencil sketch, then re-did the lines in Photoshop. The lines were by far the longest part (not counting the time I spent on the sketch). Then I colored it in with the brush tool. Bucket fill never works the way I want it to, so I’ve stopped using it entirely. I draw on one layer, and then color on the layer below it. It takes time, but I’m generally happy with the results.



Always my first game. When sequels appear it evolves into Metal Slug. I’m no drawer as other people here so I just use already made images for the main design.