Should i learn Lua Code Or Java Code

Im trying to choose what will i learn first.I was thinking trying out Lua but then java came into my head
and i dont know what to choose.

Should I Learn Lua Or Java?
I know this topic is weird.

Depends on what you want to develop.

I’d say lua is easier, but more limited compared to Java. It depends on what you want to do with it, is cross-platform important for you, do you want to create bigger scale projects etc.
Hey, who said you can’t learn both? :wink:

I mean in my experience of both (and I know both very well), Lua is easier, and if the underlying interface gives access (through C/C++) then it can be just as powerful as Java, however Java is super powerful (albeit much slower) already. If you plan to eventually jump into C/C++, I say stick with Lua for a bit, and then jump to Java, then jump to C++ and work out the libraries and on expanding from there. (I know how big those jumps are, and C++ is probably more insane then Java, but learning C++ means you learn how memory operates and how to optimize for it, which helps in all languages further down the road [if you can get into C as well, that’s even better, just be wary of being crazy enough to try ASM])

Well,I should learn both then.
Hope i dont forget them.

You don’t forget programming, You can forget function names etc. but the basics (once you get the hang of them) stay in your head, don’t worry. Java has really good documentation on the web, so you can always look it up.
Good luck c: