Serbian(latin) translation


Hello, my name is Today (a.k.a Tahiri Amar) and i would like to translate game dev tycoon in serbian.
I will find someone to assist me, but for me it is okay to translate everything alone.
I know alot of english, so it should be enough.


I can help. you might not know a bit of English but I still think that I can be another moderator for translation into Serbian. I wrote this with Goggle Translation.


Alright, you will assist me? I don’t know, since noone seems to appear.


Yes, I will help you with the translation, but I want you and I talk through Private Messages, if at all we can. If you can not, then via Steam will be agreed. This is what I wrote using Gugl translation.


Alright than. Lets do this.


too make a translation i would ask one of the mods (such as @Charlie or @PatrickKlug)
You require 2 people both fluent with English and the target language(in this case serbian)


Sorry but we need at least two experienced translators for the language before we start a translation project.


And how exactly can we get expirienced?


By having previous experience translating


i thought there was a training course.
lol le me so dumb.


Anyways, i have translated some stuff in the past, but i’m not perfect.
That other guy was my friend from school. I promised to help him get better grades in english(don’t know how to say it).
My friend, not very experienced in translating(does better at serbian cyrillic than serbian latin [lol]), has a suffinent amount of english and wanted to do this.
I forgot my point anyway.


I am interested in helping with Serbian translations. I already translated some TV show I watch, so I am familiar with this kind of work. Also, I do not get how is Today’s friend better at Serbian cyrilic, to Serbian it doen’t matter whether you use cyrilic or latin afphabet. I have very good word fund.

Anyway, I want to help, although I do not quite understand the system. Can moderator translate, or is he just here to control people who are not sure in their knowlege of English language and/or their tanslation skills, and to appraise whether translation is good enough?


We got another translater that wants to translate GDT. Not anyone i know him/her or anything anyway… @PatrickKlug @Charlie ? Anyone?


I want to help too.I know English very good(you could say I’m from England :))
And I helped transalating Serbian in another game.
I’m from Serbia and I would love to do translation to Serbian.
Count me too!!