SEGA giveaway on Steam!

Never heard of those games.

> Never played Jet Set Radio or Goldenaxe
> Calls self gamer?

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You don’t have to play specific games to be a gamer m8

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I never even had a console, except for that one PS1. But other than that, I’m not a console fanboy to go out and buy reskinned versions of the previous console just so I can play the latest edition of Super Mario Bros?
In PC We Trust

I played Jet Set Radio, it’s boring imo.

Reskinned? Please, they have better hardware and software, look at the ps1, then look at the ps4.

my 4 year old computer runs csgo better than xbox.

This is fun grabs popcorn

So? I never said anything about consoles being better than computers.

I don’t know that much about consoles, so eh, idc really

Well, to be honest, Consoles are mid-end computers that have their own kinda of operating system and games.

Edit: Believe it or not, the PS3 and Xbox 360 only had about 512 mb of ram, half of that used for games whilst the PS4 and XBone uses 8gb ram.