Seeking for people to help me make a game


Hey, I’m currently working out how my very first game will work, however, I can’t make stuff like graphics, and making the entire game alone would be painful and lengthy.
If you are a graphics designer or C++ developer, and if you’re interested to help out a man, please send an email to

Thanks in advance.

  • Jori (JustMaffie)

[EDIT 1] You could also reach out to me on my forums at


Embarking on your first game…uuu you are in for a ride, unless you have mountains of money.

What game are you making?


A simulator game, inspired by Game Dev Tycoon, but still so different.


First of all, is this allowed to be in this forum? Kinda an attention beg…

Second of all, I’m a very, very experienced graphic designer.


Well, if you would be interested in helping out you can contact me.