SculptGL | Some 3D Sculptures I've Made | Taking Suggestions

Hello I’ve made several Sculptures in SculptGL and would like to showcase some of them and take some suggestions in this sort of format!

Character/Item’s Name. Video/TV Show/ETC it’s from. Anything specific you want me to do with it.






Thanks and leave any suggestions and I’ll try my best :^D

Red Lightsaber. Lol that’s all i have to say. Or Darth Vader mask. Yeaaaaah. That’d be awesome.

Alright. Never seen Star Wars so Im just gonna base the sculture off a picture on google >.< I really need to see the movies.

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@AnthonyVGNerd Well I tried my best. It did not turn out the way I wanted it to but the program has this thing if you go too far out it starts glitched out the surface so I had to cut it short so I made a dual lightsaber.
I even had to redo some things because well I’d rather not say…

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Well yeah you gotta see the movies. They are the best movies ever. And the lightsabers alright. But lol looks really funny. Good job though.

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I’m more or less better at making the saddest Yoshi’s XD

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Is that the program which Vinesauce used?

I would love to see the Darth Vader mask too.

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Hmm…you should really need to follow a bunch of tutorials…these are funny but for professional use they aren t good enough. But I can clearly see you are willing too learn, and that you are talented :slight_smile:

YES… I love Joel from Vincesauce I was in tears from that video

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Alright I’ll watch some tutorials… I kinda just make these for a good laugh, and thanks :smiley:!



Well, at least it’s better looking than the Xbox Banjo.

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Keep practising and you will get there. Model making is a handy skillset to have for creative people :smile:

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keep trying harder harder and harder then one day you’ll be the greatest 3d model makers :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just died

Wat De Hell

Hey, why don’t use this software: Meshmolder Beta 3.0
Download is freeware and have skech spheres to create forms…