Instead of making a new post every time I thought it’s better to collate them.

Here is our latest screenshot:

Have a relaxing weekend everybody!


Looks like a cozy place, the fire effects and shadows look good too. ‘No orcing around’ is also well-thought out. :smiley:


We posted a small video, taken directly from the game. Unfortunately the forum doesn’t support videos yet so head over here to watch:



trying to be a little more frequent with showing off things, so here’s some much better barrel storage that we added to the game :wink:


great , cool posts )) and the pictures are beautiful ))


We spotted this fire in our larder while play-testing which was a bit alarming since we haven’t implemented fires yet. Turns out it was a 2D spite meant for a different camera :slight_smile:


Feast your eyes on paintings of elven dragonslayers and human generals besieging unmanned and unlocked castles!