Scratching my head!

There is a animation where one of the characters scratches his/her head. Now there is nothing wrong so far. But at the moment he/she does this, this character produces no points of T/D. This is very anoying when for exampel trying to complete a contract. Mostly in the garrage. When you try to get money and you fail because of scratching. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE FIX THIS!!! Please don’t take away the animation, just don’t make them stop working when they do scratch!

It’s called creative logjam xD

Training them in speed, which is an option that becomes available when you reach the second office, reduces the time of your developers scratching their head when it happens. I don’t think GHG is going to completely remove it or make it optional though, but maybe you can find a mod that removes the head scratching?

I’ll try.

Don’t be discouraged if you can’t find that kind of mod. Head scratching is not that big of a problem, surviving in the second office is the game’s bigger challenge.

I kindda disaggre
The last office is the hardest