Scheduled stories "in-message" dates

Hi all,

I’m looking for a solution to a quite specific issue -I need to change the dates in the Scheduled Stories, but not the publication date only - rather, the “.localize” dates as well, where it calculates the “in X months time” and so on.

Here’s what I am talking about:

"getNotification: function() {
                    return new Notification({
                        header: Media.platformNewsHeadline,
                        text: "Today, Vonny has announced their very own console called the Playsystem. Apparently the company has completely reworked their earlier Play System prototype after Ninvento cancelled the project.{n}The new Playsystem comes with a CD-ROM drive and 32-bit processors and is wholly owned by Vonny. Industry professionals say that this might be the beginning of a new generation of consoles. Ninvento declined to comment. The Playsystem will enter the market {0}.".localize("{0} is date referral sentence fragment").format(b("11/4/1",
                        image: "./images/platforms/superb/Playsystem.png"

Of course, I could have a bit of code that rewrites the entire getNotification property of the story, but that is cumbersome - not to mention I’d have to copy&paste a LOT of text from the game’s original code.

Is there any specific property to access that?

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Hi, did you manage to fix the problem ?

Negative, I’m stuck with this TBH. I should probably go analyse the code to see where the Notification() format property is stored and if it is accessible somehow.