Scale platform released/retire dates with the Game legnth modifier


So I finally put together a platform mod that I’m testing right now but I’m noticing that my platforms still come out at the exact dates I coded them for, where as the Vanilla platforms still scale for the Game length modifier.

How do I get the dates to scale with the game length modifier so that everything I coded will still get released and retired with the ingame platforms (Eg, I have it so that a Playsystem ONE comes out a few years after the Playsystem to extend the Playsystem line of gaming. I don’t want it coming out way before the playsystem ingame actually comes out)


Never mind, I’m an idiot.

I was being thrown off by the messages I set up to announce that a console will be coming out soon like “Today, Ninvento announced they will be releasing their new console called the Ninvento Swap” but I accidentally left the

ignoreGameLengthModifier: true

when it should be false.

Disregard this issue.