Save game edit on android


I’ve been playing around with editing save files on my android since I cant download mods with pc and using just about any code editor I have found how to change the values for money, fans, research points and hype. I also can unlock any topic. The on thing I cannot find how to do is change the stats of my employees, I can find the spot with “df” and “researchf” etc, and I change the values to the same thing (10.6) for the 2nd alot files that are there and nothing is changing. Can anyone who understands it a bit more or has done it help me know what I’m doing wrong?


Never mind. I figured it out, I opened my game and made sure I had saved and loaded up my game through the autosave, and then I exited and went to my editor and they were in there. Gotta look a bit but the names are there so just search for the name and boom, I cant find the df value for staff but I’m sure its there