Русская версия игры?\Russian version of the game?


Good day I am writing to you from Russia. I really enjoyed your game, but unfortunately the game is completely in English that a bit complicated for me. can we expect that someday the game will be released on Russia?


You can apply for moderation on translation. But the game won’t be RELEASED SPECIALLY in Russian.


А где можно подать подобную модерацию? Уж очень хочется сыграть на русском.
And where you can apply a similar moderation? I really want to play in Russian.


I do not believe having someone who does not speak English very well should translate it.


Нет в России конечно есть. Просто думал что если это сделают разработчики это будет намного правильнее.
Not in Russia is of course. Just thought that if it would do the developers will be much more correct.


You can just create a topic about moderation on translation. But you will need 2 moderators to translate it. You can apply for being a moderator, but you need a friend.


Может поможете с этим делом?
Can you help with this matter?


No. Unfortunately, i am not russian. Sorry. :[


Плохо, но может вы знаете кого то кто может помочь? У вас нет языкового барьера.
Bad, but maybe you know someone who can help? You have no language barrier.


but you can take a pirated version in Russian (like 1.3.9 already), cut the text from it, and then most of the text is to be translated. I can even help with the search for well-translated games.I can then send the untranslated portion of the text, my friends and I normally translate it all.


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А можно вопрос не в тему а вы когда ни будь что ни будь смотрели выпущенное или сделанное в России?

May I ask a question is not in the theme you when or whether something to be looked originally issued or made in Russia?


А кто занимается качественным переводами игры ?

Who qualitative translations of the game ?


Here is the RU thread;

Please feel free to get involved. We hope to release a russian language installer version at some point!


hype game! - not “разхвалить игру”, but “расхвалить игру”. there is no word “разхвалить” in russian language, i think that translators were just a bunch of children, who even never went to school.


Я считаю, что кто-то сделал перевод Russion


Как поставить русский


You can create a Russian language mod. Call it the Gopnik Mod |||