Romanian Translation


Good day,
I’m Vicentiu and I would like to translate your game into romanian, along with my cousin. We believe it is better in the long term for your game as it will attract more costumers from the romanian market. Not many romanians know English and because of that they are reluctant to buy your game.

Thank you


I can also help with the translation.


Hello, I’m the cousin Vicentiu talked about earlier and I’m here to confirm I want to get involved in the translation of the game :smile:


Here is a snapshot of the work I already completed with my cousin :

Invest over 100K in a new game engine. - Investeşte cel puţin 100K într-un nou engine de joc.

Create a game with a good theme/genre combination. - Creează un joc cu o bună combinaţie între temă şi gen.

Sell half a million copies of a game without the help of a publisher. - Vinde cel puţin o jumătate de milion de copii ale unui joc făra ajutorul unui editor.

Reach level 5 with a character. - Aţi atins la nivelul 5 cu un caracter.

Have male and female staff. - Angajează lucratori de ambele sexe.

Hire someone famous. - Angajează o persoană faimoasă.

Have the maximum number of employees. - Atinge numarul maxim de angajaţi.

Finish Game Dev Tycoon. - Termină Game Dev Tycoon.

Release a game with a clean score of 10. - Lansează un joc ce a obţinut 10 curat.

Find at least one of the easter eggs in the game. - Găseste cel puţin unul din secretele jocului.

Activate the hidden treasure in the garage. - Activează comoara ascunsă din garaj.

Welcome to your hospital - Bun venit la spitalul tău

The sky is not the limit. - Cerul nu este limita.

Welcome back Chris. We’ve missed you. - Bine ai revenit Chris. Ne-ai lipsit.

Hi I’m Frank More. We met at the Hobby Computer Club a week ago. Just wanted to say thanks for talking about your projects. I love your games and have told all my friends about them. - Salut, sunt Frank More. Ne-am întâlnit la Hobby Computer Club saptămana trecută. Vroiam doar să-ti mulţumesc că ai vorbit despre proiectele tale. Iţi iubesc jocurile şi am spus tuturor prietenilor mei despre ele.

Local News - Ştirile locale

Hi, I’m Caroline Richards from the local news. I’ve heard rumours that you are already working on your next game and would love to do an interview about this. Do you have some time? - Bună, sunt Caroline Richards de la ştirile locale. Am auzit niste zvonuri cum că lucrezi deja la un nou joc şi aş dori sa iţi iau un interviu. Ai puţin timp?


I can help with the translation as well, I am fluent English/Romanian.


I can help with the translation on this game as well, I’m a very good English/Romanian translator.
Played all the game, I have the experience. I only need the time now :).
/// @Vicentiu, a game engine means un motor de joc. Deci se traduce motor. Nu folosi cuvantul din engleza.
Create a game with a good theme/genre combination. - Creează un joc cu o bună combinaţie între temă şi gen.
Reach level 5 with a character. - Aţi atins nivelul 5 cu un caracter/personaj.
Have male and female staff. - Ai angajat un bărbat şi o femeie.
At this sentence: Iţi iubesc jocurile şi am spus tuturor prietenilor mei despre ele. It’s the correct translate.
Do you have some time? - Ai puţin timp? - I think it’s more correct.
Other than these, everything is correct.

I can’t create a account on the translate site, it tells me it’s something wrong with the server.
Can someone help me?
///Works now :D!


I aknowledged your feedback and edited the previous post.

@Costinux Cred ca unele cuvinte precum “Engine” ar trebui sa ramana asa intrucat si revistele de review-uri si emisiunile le folosesc asa. Nu trebuie tradus mot a mot ca alte jocuri care au si traducere in romana si toti le joaca in engleza. (Sorry for Ro)


@PatrickKlug, when you have some time, please take a look on this topic.


I can also help for the translation. I have translated subtitles from english and romanian so please tell me if I can be of any assistance. Localization for the game would boost the popularity and income.


I sent an contact message to GreenHeart… I’m sorry, Didn’t know they have a guide for new languages… Now I’m pointed in right direction.

I can help you too. Able to translate and adapt from english. Gamer History (alot of games) and Fansub History (around 3 years). I also use diacritics (everywhere) and I’m sure I speak the language 99% correctly :slight_smile:

So, GreenHeart, please take a look at this. A good ideea. Good luck guys :D, you were faster.

EDIT: Also, If i’m not accepted as a translator, I look forward to verify the correctness of the translation :smiley:

EDIT2: Apropo Vicențiu, Vroiam nu există în limba noastră :smiley: (Voiam sau vream e o formă corectă) baftă!

Sorry for Romanian :frowning:


Hey Guys,

We are sorry for the delay, We have merged the last changes and are ready to open more languages if you are still interested and have the time?
We will need at least 2 moderators with prior experience.


Yeah! I’m still here and willing to do the work :). I think I have enough experience to be a moderator for the romanian translation (I am very active as you can see, I have a lot of time and I know very well to use both romanian and english languages) . AND I CAN’T WAIT TO GET STARTED :wink:!


Thats great news!
I have updated you to moderator status and we will get a Romanian language up within the next few hours. If you can contact others and rally them to join in that would be helpful.


Me and my cousin Vicentiu are here and willing to start the work on the translation too. I have a bit of experience from translating movies and short stories so I guess I can take the role of the second moderator.


Have you registered at ?


If there will be more moderators, please, don’t edit my translations without letting me know!


Yes, I did now. Sorry. Thought the translating website and the forum had an interlinked database of accounts.


Ok have upgraded, Please communicate with Costinux about translation changes and additions, perhaps meet up on skype and organize who will work on what and check each other’s work.


Hey guys, How is everything going? Do you need anything?


I’m very sorry. Some hacker stole my yahoo account and I totally forgot about this site till now. I’m really sorry. I will get to work ASAP :smiley:.
Btw, I really need to thank you Charlie. Because of you, I made some really nice friends.