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So, GDT? What do I think about it?
So, I first stumbled across it on YouTube, kept on watching and then I wanted the game myself, then when I got it I noticed GDT is really really addictive, you play for 10 minutes and you end up playing for 5 hours straight, and over and over again you keep trying harder to make the perfect game, you try for 6 hours to make an 11/10 game and still fail, and you keep on trying etc, and there are just so many possible combinations, I don’t like that many mods, I only add a few mods, I don’t like to add topics or consoles to the game by mod.

What do you think of the game? You can give your grade and review in a comment here too :slight_smile:, I’d be more than interested to see what other people think of the game.

  • JustMaffie