[REQ]Croudfunding mod?

Is some one making a croudfunding mod for Game dev tycoon like Kickstarter and Indigogo?I am not making a mod this is just a request.

do you mean having Kickstarter as a special event or as a special platform that you can develop on.

@Venomous i think he means you can start and indigogo/ kickstarter to get money to create a platform/ really big and expensive game (such as an mmo)

oh ok then. so Kickstarter is a thing you can research in the Labs during the End-Game Phase of Game Dev Tycoon.

@Venomous i say to help you when you first get into the last office when you only have about 40million, maybe you could use the idea for your mod

I could, but it will be way different than how you mentioned it.

But where am I gonna find a crowdfunding mod?

hey ik this post is dead but i can make it happen (probably dont quote me on it)

Well, make the mod!

On it!

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here ya go! https://mega.nz/#!CDhHkIRA!bm29KZW9NdYUb_lrBX3jhHSwygKZSdTx9_-lWRQPp5U

the link does not work